Tools for planning and compliance of wildfire regulations.
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Work Restriction Tracking

We’ve built the first danger rating tracking tool for mobile. Your crew can easily see current and forecasted danger ratings and calculated work restrictions.
Easily retrieve danger rating for any BC weather
Automatic work restriction and duration calculation
Current weather readings
3-day weather and danger rating forecasts + future work restrictions
Complete season history of fire danger ratings (not just past 6 days)

Upcoming Features

Elevation and BEC Zone lookups for pinned locations
Filtering of weather stations by range, elevation, and BEC zones
Integration of weather station data and fire weather indices
Summary of historic danger ratings per station

Compliance Records

We’re working on tools for your crews to easily log their compliance with fire regulations and any restrictions required for the day. This will be updated with upcoming guidance documents as released from BC Wildfire Services.
Representative weather station used and rationale
Who is the designated fire watcher
Signatures that duties were performed
Photographic and timestamped evidence of work site
Full audit log of compliance activity records

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Change these example danger class ratings to see what the day’s work restrictions would be. Play around!

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